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Spin-on filters are used as process and safety devices to protect individual pumps, valves or the complete hydraulic circuit against contamination according to ISO 4406.

Spin-on filters can be used for the following purposes:

  • for installation in piping or on tank lid
  • suction and waste types
  • optical or electronic filter clogging indicators
  • rubber or viton sealing
  • filter insert can be changed easily: microfibre, paper or metal

Spin-on filters are available in 4 configurations:

  •  one cartridge in-line
  • two parallel cartridges on the same axis
  • in-line with two parallel cartridges mounted side by side
  • with a separate cartridge flange for installation in the tank cover

We supply spin-on filters series: MPS, MST, MSH, CS, CG, CW, CT, CH

Catalogue to download: