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Threaded plug ČSN 137964 / copper ring sealing / metric thread

Threaded plug with or without magnet

  Thread d1d3iLSProduct keyOrder number
  M8x11281412M-ZCM 8x1796408
  M10x11481614M-ZCM 10x1796410
  M12x1,516111917M-ZCM 12x1,5796412
  M14x1,518112019M-ZCM 14x1,5796414
  M16x1,520112122M-ZCM 16x1,5796416
  M18x1,522112324M-ZCM 18x1,5796418
  M20x1,524112324M-ZCM 20x1,5796420
  M22x1,527112327M-ZCM 22x1,5796422
  M24x1,530122119M-ZCM 24x1,5796424
  M27x1,532122122M-ZCM 27x1,5796427
  M30x1,536122222M-ZCM 30x1,5796430
  M36x1,542122427M-ZCM 36x1,5796436

Threaded plug ČSN 137965 / Copper ring / pipe thread

  Thread d1d3iLSProduct keyOrder number
  G1/81481614M-ZCR 1/8796500
  G1/419112019M-ZCR 1/4796501
  G3/822112122M-ZCR 3/8796502
  G1/227122427M-ZCR 1/2796503
  G3/432122122M-ZCR 3/4796504
  G139122324M-ZCR 1796505

Magnetic plugs with cylindrical thread ON 02 1914

  Thread d1Product keyOrder number
  M16x1,5M-ZM 16x1,5191416
  M18x1,5M-ZM 18x1,5191418
  M20x1,5M-ZM 20x1,5191420
  M22x1,5M-ZM 22x1,5191422
  M24x1,5M-ZM 24x1,5191424
  M30x1,5M-ZM 30x1,5191430
  M42x2M-ZM 42x2191442

Plugs with cylindrical thread ČSN 02 1915


  Thread d1Product keyOrder number
  M8x1M-Z 8x1191508
  M10x1M-Z 10x1191510
  M12x1,5M-Z 12x1,5191512
  M14x1,5M-Z 14x1,5191514
  M16x1,5M-Z 16x1,5191516
  M18x1,5M-Z 18x1,5191518
  M20x1,5M-Z 20x1,5191520
  M22x1,5M-Z 22x1,5191522
  M24x1,5M-Z 24x1,5191524
  M30x1,5M-Z 30x1,5191530

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