The German manufacturer arco Armaturenfabrik Obrigheim KG has been a leading manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic fittings for hydraulic and air systems since 1958. Customers are the leading OEM manufacturers in the following industries:

  • machine tools
  • automotive
  • construction machinery
  • agricultural machinery
  • manufacturers of various hydraulic systems
  • commercial vehicles

Arco Armaturenfabrik Obrigheim KG has an extensive network of national and international distributors, and our company has recently been listed as the only official dealer for sales in the Czech Republic and Slovakia!

The products are delivered to customers worldwide in nearly 50 countries and are certified by IATF 16949 by DEKRA Certification GmbH, according to automotive quality standards for the automotive industry. Arco Armaturenfabrik Obrigheim KG thus met the requirements of the quality management system and created a process of continuous improvement with an emphasis on preventing defects and reducing deflections. Certification according to this technical specification is recognized by the world's leading automobile and OEM manufacturers. Most leading manufacturers only cooperate with companies holding IATF 16949 as they insist that suppliers follow the strict technical specifications.

We supply the following products:

Fttings for hydraulic systems

  • Hydraulic fitting according to ISO 8434-1 / DIN 2353
  • ORFS - fitting
  • 24 ° couplings
  • welding fittings
  • reversing valves and a wide range of additional hydraulic accessories

Fittings for pneumatic brake systems

  • fittings according to DIN 74297-74327
  • test fitting
  • dump valves and other accessories

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