We offer high pressure hydraulic hoses from a manufacturer that is currently the leader in quality and innovation - Eaton SEL.
Part of the products, the 1SN and 2SN hoses for the armored hoses we manufacture, are kept in stock. We are able to deliver the rest of the products in an extremely short time.
We arm hoses with nominal diameter DN6 to DN51 with fittings according to customer requirements. We use UNIFLEX machines for assembling the hoses. We offer serial and custom-made production including special packing for single orders according to your requirements. Do not hesitate to contact us.

  • hydraulic hoses according to DIN EN 853 and DIN EN 857
  • compact hydraulic hoses
  • spiral hydraulic hoses
  • high abrasion resistant hoses
  • hydraulic hoses for hot oils
  • hydraulic hoses for high-pressure cleaning machines
  • teflon hoses
  • suction hoses
  • thermoplastic hoses

How to order hydraulic hoses with fittings:

Hoses with straight fittings:

1SN DN6 x 650 / DKOL 14x1,5 / DKOL 14x1,5
(Hose type-Nominal diameter x Length in mm /Fitting type-Assigned Thread /Fitting type-Assigned Thread)

Hoses with angled fittings:

2SN DN10 x 700 / DKOL 90 20x1,5 / DKOL 90 20x1,5 / 0-180
(Hose type-Nominal diameter x Length in mm /Fitting type-Assigned Thread /Fitting type-Assigned Thread/Rotation angle)

How to determine the nominal length of the hose according to the fitting types:

Rotation angle of angled fittings:

Assembly of hydraulic hoses:

Hydraulic hoses are installed in the device so that they are not subject to excessive tension, they must not twist and use a smaller bend radius than is allowed for each type of hose. It is also necessary to protect the hoses against any possible external damage.

Examples of hydraulic hose assemblies:

Incorrect installation
Correct installation
We present the test protocol according to ČSN EN ISO 1402: 2009 - leak testing of our hydraulic hoses with fittings (click on picture):

Catalogues SEL and EATON Winner:

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