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Pneumatic fittings PK / 2 inputs, 3 outputs

Order numberInputsOutputsLengthHeight
PK-44 mm4 mm5927
PK-66 mm4 mm6028
PK-88 mm6 mm8033

Pneumatic fittings PKG / 2 inputs, 3 outputs - reduced

Order numberInputsOutputsLetgthHeight
PKG-466 mm4 mm6027
PKG-488 mm4 mm8032
PKG-688 mm6 mm6128
PKG-61010 mm6 mm8032
PKG-81010 mm8 mm8233

Working pressure: PN 10 bar
Temperature: -10 / + 60°C
Material: brass / PU
Sealing : PTFE
Threads: conical
Medium: air

Push-in fittings with reduced sizes and weight, for quick and easy installation of plastic tubing.
Used materials: nylon, polyurethane and nickel plated brass MS 58, threads with teflon coating with o-ring sealing. Used especially for automation, measuring and control technology and pneumatic compressed air distribution in industry, engineering and automotive.