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Shut-off valves / type 3/2 / with deaeration

Order numberTubeLengthHeight
HVFF-44 mm5141
HVFF-66 mm5140
HVFF-88 mm5240
HVFF-1010 mm6245
HVFF-1212 mm6445

Shut-off valves / type 2/2 / no deaeration

Order numberTubeLengthHeight
HVFFB-44 mm5141
HVFFB-66 mm5140
HVFFB-88 mm5240
HVFFB-1010 mm6245
HVFFB-1212 mm6445

The throttle and shut-off valves are designed for direct mounting on pneumatic cylinders and valves. They are designed especially for automation, measuring and control technology and pneumatic compressed air distribution in industry, engineering and automotive.