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The portable filter unit is designed for the filtration of hydraulic oils or other service liquids (*) when filling or emptying tanks of hydraulic units.They can also be used for so-called parallel filtration to increase the purity of the liquid in the tank. The unit is equipped with a SPIN-ON filter and an optical pollution indicator of the filter. The filters are supplied in several filtration modes (**) - see below order key and technical parameters. By transferring the hose extrusion in front of the filter, it is possible to draw contaminated liquids without clogging the filter.
(*) uses of other than mineral oils should be consulted
(**) ordering other filter elements on demand

Order key:


A10 microfibre 10 μm filtration efficiency 99.5%
A25 microfibre 25 μm filtration efficiency 99.5%
P10 impregnated paper 10 μm filtration efficiency 95%

The filtration efficiency of 99.5% of filter A10 means that the filter catches 99.5% of particles larger than 10 μm.

Technical parameters:

Electric motor single phase 230VAC / 50 Hz, 0.25 kW, 1500 rpm
Flow rate approx. 13.5 l / min
Hose 2x3m, ending with 15mm diameter pipe
Power cord 1.5m
Weight approx. 15 kg


  • single-phase motor - can be connected to a common single-phase socket
  • portable unit, compact for transport
  • box construction prevents residual oil from running out of the hoses
  • the possibility of pumping contaminated liquids by removing the filter
  • easy control by switch, easy filter element change
  • optical indication of pollution of the filter element
  • hoses are long enough, including hose reel holder