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Mubea is an international synonym for the spring technology of highest standard. Mubea disc springs meet the highest quality standards all over the world. All Mubea disc springs are manufactured in Daaden, Germany - combining extensive knowledge, advanced quality management and decades of experience.
Mubea has been specialized in the production of high quality springs for more than 40 years. For their versatility, disc springs are used in many types of applications that range from industial applications, such as safety valve systems placed 3000 m below sea level, to satellites in space. In addition, Mubea also excels in manufacturing related products such as complex parts compressed with precision.
Disc springs are manufactured according to DIN 2093 and internal standards and are kept in extensive stocks. Mubea manufactures disc springs in size from 8 mm to 800 mm external diameter, as well as disc springs with internal and external cutouts and wave springs.  All products are produced in the company, starting with the production of basic materials. All tools are also designed, manufactured and maintained in the company. In addition to 51 CrV 4 steel (SAE 6150), Mubea stocks a variety of antimagnetic, corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant materials for special applications. This also gives Mubea flexibility in its manufacturing processes to be able to respond quickly to customer needs.
The surface technique of ball blasting is especially suitable as a standard process for applications on dynamically loaded springs requiring a long service life. In addition, extremely well-equipped laboratories are able to meet customer requirements for testing.
A team of highly qualified engineers will work to find individual solutions to every spring problem by utilizing ongoing development of technologies, creativity, and an inovative approach.


Standard disc springs

Disc springs are shallow conical rings that are subject to axial loads. Normally, the ring thickness is constant and the applied load is evenly distributed over the upper inside and lower outside edges. 
Disc springs are generally made of spring steel and can be loaded with static, rarely passing and dynamic loads. Disc springs meet the strictest requirements for changing settings and fatigue strength.

Disc springs differ from other types of springs by the following characteristics:

  • high load causes only low spring bending 
  • considerably better use of space compared to other types of springs
  • high fatigue limit and low tendency for hot material to flow with proper dimensioning
  • various mounting sets can be designed to achieve the required load characteristics
  • special materials and various surface treatments may be used
  • cost effectiveness as a result of standardized sizes

Conventional disc springs

Application areas:

  • Boiler storage systems at power plants
  • Safety valves
  • Overload protection in electrical transformers
  • Joining, cable cars, machine tool attachments
  • Safety brakes for lifts and elevators
  • Brakes for constructions and railway wagons
  • Compensation of clearance for ball bearings
  • Isolation of vibrations, etc.

Spring characteristics


  • Disc springs according to DIN 2093 (Group 1, Group 2, Group 3 ...)
  • Disc springs according to Mubea standards or others as required
  • Range of sizes: external diameter 8 mm to 800 mm
  • Materials according to DIN 2093 (DIN 17 221, DIN 17 222) and special materials (see the offer of materials)
  • Disc springs with a thickness of 0.5 mm or higher are ball-shaped to increase fatigue life
  • Springs are standardly phosphated and oiled.

Assembly of the disc springs

Upon request, Mubea can supply disc springs pre-assembled in sets or on guiding device.

The advantages are:

  • With pre-assembled sets, assembly is more efficient
  • Load diagrams - deflection for specific compositions (modern test machines can provide test loads up to 1000 kN)
  • Small load tolerances are possible 
  • 100% load testing can be used to avoid misconfiguration

Spring characteristics

Catalogue to download:

Mubea-velky-katalogpdf6.06 MB

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